Furthering economic empowerment in the Black community

NBA Foundation’s First-Ever All-Star Pitch Competition

The NBA Foundation aims to grow the next generation of Black entrepreneurs and tech leaders by providing the tools, resources and funding for innovative ideas through the NBA Foundation Pitch Competition on Feb. 16. 

NBA HBCU Fellows Participate in Fireside Chat with Google

Recently, representatives from both Google and the NBA HBCU Fellowship Program were able to get together for a fireside chat.

NBA Foundation Announces Eighth Grant Round Benefitting 31 Organizations

The NBA Foundation has announced 31 new grants totaling $12 million.

NBA Foundation Friday: Memphis Music Initiative

Memphis Music Initiative was created in order to boost opportunities for Black and Brown youth through music and to help re-center the story of music back to its roots.

NBA Foundation Receives Record $1M Contribution from Google Pixel

Google Pixel announced that they will be contributing $1 million to the NBA Foundation. This donation is the largest for the Foundation to date from an NBA partner.

Who We Are:

Promoting Economic Equity

The NBA is driving meaningful social change across the country by supporting organizations that address education, income and employment disparities in Black communities. The NBA and all 30 teams are also committed using their collective platforms and resources to increase partnerships with Black-owned and operated businesses across all business activities.

The NBA Foundation Mission:

To drive economic opportunity in the Black community through employment and career development by funding programs that generate successful transitions from school to meaningful employment for Black youth.

The NBA Foundation will accomplish this mandate by investing in local and national organizations that promote school-to-career employment opportunities including job readiness, skill training, job placement and career advancement that target Black youth, ages 14-24 years old, with priority being given to organizations operating in NBA markets.

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