NBA Foundation Frequently Asked Questions

NBA Foundation FAQs

My organization does not have a 501c3 status and we plan to apply / applied for status already.

Unfortunately, we are not able to review organizations without a 501c3 status. We encourage your organization to apply once you receive it or are partnered with a fiscal sponsor.

My organization is brand new, and we have not yet filed for an IRS Form 990 or a 990-EZ.

Unfortunately, we are not able to review an application without an IRS Form 990. We encourage your organization to apply once you receive your form.

My organization is not in one of the 28 NBA markets.

Unfortunately, we are only able to fund organizations whose programming occurs in an NBA market. Please see here for full list of NBA markets.

My organization is headquartered outside an NBA market but does work with Black youth in an NBA market.

This is fine, we ask that the proposal focuses on serving Black youth in the NBA market.

My organization does not yet have a connection to an NBA team.

A connection with an NBA team is not required to be eligible for a grant.

My organization is a local chapter of a national nonprofit.

Please apply in partnership with the national branch.

My organization is a national nonprofit with branches both inside and outside NBA markets.

Applicants can include multiple NBA markets in their proposal. If you are operating in cities not in an NBA market, we ask the proposal target NBA markets.

Do you fund university programs?

Unfortunately, we do not fund universities including career centers, programming, and individual research support. In some circumstances, if a nonprofit with a 501c3 status is operating under a university, we may be able to consider it.

Does the proposed project have to be sports or male-centered?

No, the NBA Foundation supports programs in a variety of industries in service of boys, girls, and non-binary youth ages 14-24.

Are funds able to support direct program costs only?

Generally, yes, unless the application requests a capacity-building grant which we review on a case-by-case basis.

Do you fund summer programs or internship stipends?


Does the NBA Foundation offer capacity-building support or multi-year grants?

Yes, we offer both.

Could we contact a member of your staff before applying?

Our strong preference is to conduct a complete review of applications before setting up a preliminary call. For any inquiries not answered on this page, please email and a member of our staff will assist.